SINGLE REVIEW: BAYNK feat. Glades – Off Limits

Off the back of the release of their debut album ‘To Love You’, Sydney pop trio Glades have teamed up with New Zealand producer BAYNK for the release of his festival ready new single. ‘Off Limits’ is a shiny electronic pop moment which sonically compliments the recent work from Glades that would perfectly fit in on their debut album. While the song is very polished and prepared for commercial airplay, the song still holds onto an DIY approach with it’s indie-pop influence. The smooth synths glide with lead singer Karina Wykes’ clean vocal delivery. Reflecting on the feeling of falling in love with someone but being too scared to tell them, they give a very relatable storyline of needing to just be honest. “So why don’t you just tell me, what you need to tell me. Just gotta go with it, because nothing is off limits”. The groovy production will have you instantly bopping along and then feeling impressed by the brassy influences are then added to the shiny sound. With this song coming at the end of Glades’ Australian tour you can’t help but wish they released it a little earlier so they could’ve played this song and had you bopping even harder to they emotional delivery.