SINGLE REVIEW: Astrid S – Closer 

2018 has been a bit of a quiet year for Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S who only dropped one single for us this year. ‘Emotion’ was a slow-burner track that grew on listeners with it’s dark and moody synth production. Sampling 80’s influences she gave something a little more industrial and experimental. But she wasn’t going to end this year without another mature new track and ‘Closer’ is a sultry little jam that shows a whole new side of her. Leaving the heartbreak anthems aside for a moment, she describes the emotions of being “the other woman” in this seductive and groovy little track. “I think we both know that you should tell her. Kiss of my perfume is still on your sweater” From these lyrics you will be thinking “oh no Astrid but also “go girl” at the same time. But then she falls a little deep. “I’m keeping my mind off you when she got her body on you. But later that night we do it again”. The production has this jazz infused RNB touch that will have you transported to a latin club as she gets a little saucy. It’s not as catchy as ‘Emotion’ but it’s another track that will grow on you. I just wish it had a more impactful chorus with bolder production. But she is showing a strong growth and maturity in her songwriting which is always promising.