LIVE REVIEW: Neck Deep – The Triffid

Australia has always had a bit of a love affair with pop punk music. The late summer days of Soundwave Festival saw some of the hottest newcomers and your nostalgic favourites heading to Australia for a collision of epic and sweaty shows. But since the derailing of the festival we haven’t had a massive push in this genre. However some bands continue to head out to Australia for some headlining shows and Neck Deep are one of these bands that keep on coming back. And it’s safe to say the fans are pretty eager to see them with their Brisbane show selling out instantaneously. But the coolest thing about their current Australian tour is that they are bringing along a trio of Australian pop-punk bands and showcasing what homegrown talent is circling the underground scene. And that is a MASSIVE thing for our touring climate. 

With the early energetic sets from Stateside and the non stop jumping of Between You & Me heating up the sold out all ages crowd that was packing into The Triffid, it was unsurprising to hear the roar of excitement for the arrival of Stand Atlantic. As the Sydney trio ran onto the stage, lead singer Bonnie Fraser quickly asked the crowd if they were ready to singalong, and they were. Through the early favourites ‘Lavender Bones’, ‘Speak Slow’ and ‘Sidewinder’ they instantly captivated the crowd with their high energy and their spinning guitarist who didn’t seem to ever stand still. “Let’s keep this moving” Fraser screamed before launching into ‘Lost my Cool’ and ‘Skinny Dipping’ from their recent debut album. Her vocals were so interesting to listen to as they have this almost growl to them which makes her quickly stand out. Before closing their set with ‘Coffee At Midnight’ the rest of the band surprised Bonnie with a little drink and a birthday singalong which was a cute and personal way to end. 

After a quick change over, the lights dimmed and the sound recording of a space takeoff welcomed UK favourites Neck Deep to the stage. As the crowd passionately sang along to the early favourites ‘Motion Sickness’, ‘Gold Steps’ and ‘Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’, lead singer Ben Barlow seemed a little taken aback by the crowds enthusiasm. “Alright Brisbane” he yelled as the crowd surged and moshed their way through the likes of ‘Parachute’ and ‘Happy Judgement Day’. Barlow candidly confessed, “It’s a pleasure to be back! I think Brisbane was actually our first ever Australian show, so it’s a little exciting to be back” which had the crowd screaming even louder than they were before. Following it up with a slick punk cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ they dived back into their discography with ‘Kali Ma’, ‘What Did You Expect’ and ‘Don’t Wait’. 

The thing which really makes Neck Deep stand out is their bright stage presence. And this show proved that. Barlow was charming and unstoppable to watch as he leaped into the air and gave his all with every lyric. And in between tracks his level of honesty was commendable as he offered the crowd a different level of personal and quirkiness. “I got cheated and wrote this song, so lets have a little boogie” he confessed before ‘December’. But it was before the emotional ‘Candour’ and ’19 Seventy Sumthin’ that he layed it all out and discussed how he believes that music is a means of escape. With the deep sound of sniffles filling the venue he quickly asked the crowd “You good?” before turning the energy back up with recent hit ‘In Bloom’. After leaving the stage for a brief moment they returned to the stage for a little encore and Barlow cheekily commented “Okay, lets stop singing about flowers get a little heavier”. With that they closed the show with ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ and ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ which left the crowd still wanting more. The band admitted that they dint know when they were coming back because they had a new album to work on but suddenly the crowd didn’t mind because new music is always a good promise to get. 

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Photos By Zac Montgomery 

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