EP REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Loser

I feel like I’ve spent the whole of 2018 talking about how incredible Sasha Sloan is, but she honestly deserves all the praise. The Californian singer-songwriter jumped onto my radar with the double release of tracks ‘Normal’ and ‘Fall’. And instantly I was spellbound in this emotional and relatable world of heartbreak, confusion and self doubt. The self proclaimed ‘sad girl’ released her first EP and after a big year of touring she’s decided to deliver us another EP. ‘Loser’ is a strong collection of tracks that dives deeper into her raw songwriting and gives you six soundscapes of relatable feelings. Opening track ‘The Only’ strips it back with slow strumming of a guitar that then adds piano and synths. Along with the cinematic atmosphere that this song submerges itself in, she explores the complexities of being happy alone but also longing the company of someone else. One thing that quickly becomes noticeable is that she knows how to write a damn catchy hook and ‘Faking It’ becomes one of the most underrated pop tracks of the year. With it’s pulsating synths and euphoric hook, the chorus will be cemented in your head instantly. The production is ultra groovy and will have you immediately imagining yourself blasting this on an afternoon road trip with the windows down and the volume all the way up. It’s an experimental anthem that is hard to top but she successfully does it with the vulnerable ‘Version Of Me’. This dark and moody track questions if her new love interest can actually love all of her insecurities and flaws. And while the pulsating hook is super groovy, it’s the raw and vulnerable verses that will have you in awe. “I wouldn’t blame you if you tried to walk away but I want you to stay. Yeah, I want you to stay”. From there the EP slows down a little with the doo-woop vibes of ‘Chasing Parties’ and the stripped back and autobiographical structure of ‘Older’. Closing the EP with mid tempo ballad ‘Again’ she sways through soothing strings as she confesses she would do a failed relationship all over again just to experience it. “Even if I knew it would end. Even if I knew we wouldn’t walk away friends. I’d still do it again”. It’s the bittersweet end that perfectly wraps this collection of songs together and will have you wanting to cry, dance, sway and replay it all over again. If Sasha Sloan doesn’t become one of the biggest names in 2019 then I am VERY confused.