SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – Rainberry

2018 has seen Zayn releasing a lot of singles, 6 to be exact. And whilst he’s been heavily promoting them he hasn’t really mentioned anything about his sophomore studio album. As we are creeping towards the end of the year he has finally announced his excessively long project ‘Icarus Falls’ will be released on December 14. The 27 track record will hear him diving deeper into the electronic and harmonic RNB vibes his debut album introduced and offer a continuously smooth delivery. Sadly most of the record is probably going to be pretty forgettable with 27 tracks being way too long for any record but he wants to try prove everyone wrong. To coincide with the announcement he’s dropped another new song in the form of the smooth ‘Rainberry’. The Justin Timberlake-esq track delivers his smooth vocals that glide with some falsetto while the production offers this funky groove. The pulsating synths add to the cool vibe of the song but sadly not even that could save the lacklustre approach. I just feel like we have already heard this from Zayn and it offers nothing new or different. The groove of the production holds the song the whole way through and keeps you engaged enough to get through it. But there’s nothing about it which makes you willingly want to go press replay. Hopefully this isn’t a complete taste of what’s to come.