SINGLE REVIEW: Nina Nesbitt – Colder

Earlier this year Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt made her long awaited return to the music world with a heavier pop sound that took everyone by surprise. ‘Somebody Special’ was the pop anthem you didn’t realise you needed in your life and had you feeling like you were in love even if you were heartbroken at the time. Showcasing her diversity she followed it up with the raw ballad ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’ and the latin-pop influenced bop ‘Loyal To Me’ which offered a lot of Anne Marie vibes. As we creep towards the end of the year she’s announced the her sophomore studio album will finally be released on February 1 followed by a massive UK and US tour. To get you even a little more excited she also released the reflective ‘Colder’ which plays as a commentary on watching people fall in love so fearlessly for the first time with no real understanding of heartbreak. “When you’re young and you get your heart broken and he leaves, leaves the scars open. When you can’t believe it’s over, that’s when you get a little colder”. The honesty she describes throughout the song will have your emotions rising and have you beginning to reflect on the first time you fell in and out of love. It’s a very bold and catchy track that offers a lot of polished pop synths along with strong drums. The production isn’t as “pop” as ‘Somebody Special’ or ‘Loyal To Me’ but it’s shiny polish elevates this song’s moody template. But it honestly stands out as the strongest song so far from this upcoming collection because of all of it’s intricate elements.