SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Rowland – Kelly

I will always have a soft spot for girl groups. After all, Spice Girls, The Pussycat Dolls, Atomic Kitten and Little Mix all rightfully came into our lives and delivered some absolute bangers that are still played in clubs and on radio around the world. But the most fierce girl group of them all was Destiny’s Child (don’t @ me) and from that the birth of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland’s solo careers came into full bloom. In my unfiltered opinion, Kelly Rowland is severely underrated. Her solo songs are pure fire and I still question why some of them weren’t bigger than they actually were. But she’s had some massive hits like ‘Motivation’, ‘Work’, ‘Stole’, ‘When Love Takes Over’ and ‘Commander’ which you’ve definitely dropped low to on a dance floor. But it’s been 5 years since the singer-songwriter has released any new material and in that time she’s been judging on The Voice Australia, touring and became a mother. So rightfully so, I expected a massive comeback. Sadly that’s not what we received. ‘Kelly’ is a strange self titled track that delivers a heavy RNB and Hip-Hop beat that doesn’t actually seem to go anywhere. It’s a little flat and monotonous with no really hook or catchy moment that will have you wanting to replay it again. Her vocal delivery falls somewhere in-between rapping and singing and doesn’t seem to captivate you the same way her previous music has. However she sounds confident with her lyrics as she powers through a humble brag of her success as she takes ownership of she is. “Kelly got bands, Kelly got a check. Kelly got wig, Kelly got deals. Kelly got class, Kelly got ass. Kelly’s got a man, Kelly pop tabs”. But whilst this is a fun concept, the delivery is just all off and loses it’s momentum quickly. well actually, the momentum never really builds.