SINGLE REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin – My Mistake

Last year Gabrielle Aplin introduced a groovy new synth-pop sound to her music which saw her stepping away from her usual gloomy piano ballads. It was a creative direction shift that saw a lot of people torn with thoughts. However I loved the layering of her emotional thoughts with a dance ready production which had you wanting to dance the tears away. It was a fitting and complex layering which elevated the mood in a cool way and introduced a whole new side to her. A whole year has passed and she has returned with a raw and emotional ballad which will please all of her long term fans. ‘My Mistake’ is one of her most honest and raw tracks yet as she explores self sabotage and the inner dark thoughts we all battle with. It hears her taking comfort in realising that it’s okay to not be okay 100% all the time. Which is a constant battle we all struggle with. “Am I jaded? Am I meant to feel this way? I’m a loser, getting beat by my own game. But if I falter, well at least it was my mistake”. The dark and honest mood of the song is so captivating because she channels into her vulnerabilities and makes it her strengths and that is a powerful and incredible thing to do. From a first listen you will be in awe and by the second listen you will be hooked and by the third you will have probably let out a tear. It’s a song for the broken hearted and for the vulnerable souls who just need to find their inner peace.