SINGLE REVIEW: Erthlings – Cuts & Bruises

After the massive response to their BigSound showcases earlier this year, Erthlings have finally returned with their highly anticipated second single. ‘Cuts & Bruises’ was a clear standout in their live set and hears them stepping further into the dreamy soundscape that ‘Bridges’ introduced. This song is less polished in a pop production sense and dives further into the DIY elements that we were first intrigued by. Impressing with it’s unconventional aspects, they give you a bold hook that will be cemented in your head and have you read you sway and groove in a crowd at one of their shows soon. “So you never talk to me at all now, cause I’m no good anymore”. The dark storyline reflects on toxic relationships and how deep down you know that they aren’t good for you but you can’t stop circling. The gradual pulsating production builds and grows into this groovy little electronic driven beat that I do wish was elevated a little bigger. But at the same time by holding back they’ve held onto their dreamy and moody aesthetic which they really don’t want to lose.