SINGLE REVIEW: Cheat Codes feat. Kim Petras – Feeling Of Falling

Over the past year Kim Petras has rightfully blown up in the underground pop world with a string of singles and EP’s which have made her a bit of a gay favourite. Teaming up with Cheat Codes for a new single, Petras dives heads first into the commercial pop realm. ‘Feeling Of Falling’ is a big electronic pop moment which offers glittery and shiny synths alongs with a cute and euphoric hook. The bittersweet anthem reflects on the regret and fear of falling in love and committing to a relationship. It’s an honest approach that a lot of people can relate to with this current dating climate of uncertainty. “I hate the feeling of falling. I can’t keep bleeding, I’m sorry. I’ll take the blame if you want me cause I hate the feeling of falling in love”. There’s just so much heartbreak one person can take and that threshold level is what Petra explores. However where this song lets her down is the gimmicky and unoriginal production. The electronic beats are overused and generic and unsuccessfully holds onto anything different. The most exciting production moment is the groovy guitar riff which is introduced during the bridge before unknowingly disappearing. The beat drop follows the same template of their previous song ‘Only You’ and will have you questioning why they decided give that same sound again.