Breaking through the spotlight is the official debut musical project from Youtube and social media influencer, Jackson Brazier. JXN hears the 25 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne introducing his loyal followers and new listeners alike to his low key and DIY sound. ‘Solitude’ grows through moody beats layered over a simple guitar melody. Reflecting on a break-up and the relatable emotions of feeling lost and unsure, he instantly tugs on your heart strings and wins you over with his vulnerable storyline. “Just one minute, tried to quit it. We’re just running towards the fire”. The laid back vibe of the song is very captivating as he croons through a very vulnerable yet confident vocal delivery with some effects added for aesthetic reasons. The production is very Justin Bieber meets Alec Benjamin, and I’m digging it. While this may only be his debut single, JXN is already showing a lot of promise that he already knows who he is as an artist. Breaking through into the music industry is not an easy feat to do seriously when you’re coming from an influencer background but his potential is massive. Because of the melodical structure, Triple J have already shown interest in showcasing the diversity this song has to offer. Definitely a very strong first offering and a great introduction to who JXN is as an artist wth only more to come.