SINGLE REVIEW: Billie Eilish – Come Out And Play 

As we are leading up to Christmas it doesn’t come by as too much of a surprise when the holiday songs start rolling out with artists like John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Sia and Samantha Jade dropping new Christmas anthems. But when an artist like Billie Eilish drops a holiday song, it is a little unexpected. The moody and dark singer songwriter has teamed up with Apple to deliver an original track for their upcoming holiday campaign. Working alongside her brother and fellow collaborator Finneas they’ve created a magical little track to coincide with the gift sharing ad that has a unique vulnerability to it. The cinematic ballad confronts the power of believing in your self and not being afraid to show people who you really are. “And I know it makes you nervous but I promise you, it’s worth it. To show ’em everything you kept inside, don’t hide, don’t hide”. 

The production is simple and qauint and has this soaring cinematic feel which will keep you engaged. It’s a powerful and important track that implores young individuals to live their authentic lives and to find peace within themselves. Sometimes that’s the best gift you can give yourself. And that’s a powerful and cool little statement.

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