INTERVIEW: Polish Club

Emerging from the pure honesty of their lyrics, Polish Club ignite a polished new sound that hears them serving a big sing along hook that has already become a Triple J favourite. ‘Clarity’ is a bold return for the Australian duo who have only just come fresh off the back of releasing their debut album last year. As lead singer David Novak sings the honest and cynical line “Whatever is up, might as well be down” they throw together a sonical collision of crunching guitars, steady baselines and crashing drums to give this really fulfilled rock sound. After a string of overseas shows, they’ve returned home for a massive run of shows that kicks off THIS Thursday night in Adelaide. 

I recently chatted to lead singer David Novak about where their new single ‘Clarity’ originated from, their recent “in the round” performance for Brisbane Festival and what fans can expect from their upcoming Australian tour. Check it out HERE;

TB: Your new single Clarity is a bit of a banger, so how did the creative process for this song originate?

DN: I was actually just thinking about this today, about how I genuinely have no recollection of when or where we even wrote the original idea for Clarity. John-Henry has an amazing memory for that stuff but I tend to keep my mind on current things and jettison anything before it. But I do remember wanting to write something a little bit more melodic vocally and also starting to play with drop D tuning on my guitar, which often devolves into nu-metal garbage. Fortunately for once, it didn’t.

TB: There are some pretty cool and relatable lyrics in this track about having better commuication, so what is personally your favourite lyric?

DN: So on this song, I called back to a lyric from Beeping’s “When I’m feeling up, you are feeling down” with “Whatever is up, might as well be down”. The songs kind of thematically flow with each other, so I like that I evolved that line from confusion to exasperation.

But just so you know, my favourite lyric of all time is “She got a big booty so I call her big booty” from 2 Chainz’s ‘Birthday Song’ *laughs*. 

TB: It’s been a year since you guys released your debut album and you’re already putting the finishing touches on your forthcoming sophomore studio album. So reflecting on these two creative processes what would you say has been the biggest growth for you guys as a band?

DN: We’re thinking less about what we can get away with and more about what we want to do. It’s liberating but it’s also quite exhausting. There’s still a little to go with this album to get it to a place where we are happy, so we’re still on that journey.


TB: Did you approach this album creatively in a different way compared to your debut? 

DN: We have so much more time to think about it, which is awesome and sometimes counterproductive. We’re making sure to constantly keep ourselves in check and to keep it sounding like us.

TB: Previously your music has had some vulnerable undertones so what would you say is the most vulnerable moment so far on this new record?

DN: There’s so much lyrical content that I’ve laid down for new songs and demos that is far more to the point and less vague than I would have made it before. I’m quite a fan of purposefully vague lyrics as it lets the listener assert their own meaning to a song, though it will always cut through much harder when the picture is vivid.

TB: Polish Club recently performed as apart of Brisbane Festivals exclusive in the round shows at The Tivoli. Your show was the first show to ever be done in the round at the venue before so how did you find that whole experience? And was it difficult trying to navigate a 360 degree experience?

DN: It was great! I think it worked perfectly for us being only two of us on stage, it was kind of like a boxing match. I had to make sure to kind of swivel my mic stand after every song so one side didn’t have to get stuck staring at my ass the entire set, but I think I succeeded.

TB: You guys are returning to Australia at the end of the month for a string of headline shows where you are going to play some of the new material for the first time. So what is one feeling/emotion that you are wanting everyone to walk away feeling after they come to the shows?

DN: Is value for money an emotion? *laughs* Nah, I think we just want people to feel like they’re seeing a new set on the whole. There won’t be a stack of new songs, but suffice to say as always really. We’re doing stuff that isn’t just the normal PC set.

TB: What new song are you most excited/nervous to perform?

DN: ‘Clarity’ is the most daunting because people will be familiar with how it is “supposed” to sound like. Though lately, we’ve had the chance to rehearse the shit out of it, so I think we’ll be fine. Dare I say, great.

TB: You’ve just been on a massive UK and Europe tour, so what was one of your favourite or the weirdest moment from that tour?

DN: Covering both Scorpions’ ‘Rock Me Like A Hurricane’ AND Rammstein’s ‘Du Hast’ with a couple of German bands in Bochum was ridiculously stupid.

TB: Lets play a little game where you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind…

DN: Okay!

TB: The emoji that best describes our new single is…

DN: The moon face!

TB: Most people think we…

DN: ”make a lot of noise for a two piece. Wow.”

TB: Our pre show pump up song is…

DN: *starts singing* ”Soooooooooomebody once told me…”

TB: The messiest band member on tour is…

DN: Me!

TB: If we weren’t called Polish Club we would be called…

DN: Hot Bread or Pants


Polish Club Australian Tour 

Thursday 22 November — Fat Controller, Adelaide

 w Young Franco & Wing Defence

Saturday 1 December — The Foundry, Brisbane – SOLD OUT

w Sweater Curse & Wing Defence

Wednesday 5 December — The Lansdowne, Sydney

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence

Thursday 6 December — The Lansdowne, Sydney  – SOLD OUT

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence

Friday 7 December — The Lansdowne, Sydney  – SOLD OUT

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence

Saturday 8 December — Hyperfest, Perth

Thursday 13 December – The Gasometer, Melbourne

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence

Friday 14 December – The Gasometer, Melbourne

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence

Saturday 15 December – The Gasometer, Melbourne – SOLD OUT

w Heaps Good Friends & Wing Defence


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