ALBUM REVIEW: Mumford & Sons – Delta

“But what if I need you in my darkest hour? And what if it turns out there is no other?”. As the opening chorus of ’42’ intimately sets the mood for Mumford & Sons fourth studio album ‘Delta’, they question the meaning of it all. Heartbreak and mental health go hand in hand and what are you meant to do when the closest person to you is no longer there and you need them more than ever before. This dark and therapeutically honest track reflects on all those questionable thoughts and sets the undertone for this very dark and awakening record. Their alternative folk roots are still in tact but this album is dominated more by alternative rock influences with a slight pop polish that will translate well to their upcoming arena shows. Lead single ‘Guiding Light’ is this big uplifting track that acts as the perfect bridge between their old sound and their new sound. It eases into the beat driven ‘Woman’ before the folk plucking of ‘Beloved’ has you feeling nostalgic. But it’s with the delicate stylings of ‘October Skies’, ‘Wild Heart’ and ‘The Wild’ where the albums heart really lays. These intimately honest and vulnerable songs hear lead singer Marcus Mumford showing that emotional side through their music that you’ve come to know and love over time. Songs like ‘Slip Away’, ‘Picture You’ and ‘Rose Of Sharon’ have been consciously made with their live show envisioned and hear a heavier pop influence shining through which is a little surprising. Some of this album is a little mediocre at best but that’s because of the polished sound they’ve inducted which makes them begin to sound like every other band on radio. The album really shines in the raw and vulnerable moments like ’42’ which will have you reflecting, feeling and sighing through all your emotions.