SINGLE REVIEW: Broods – Everything Goes (Wow)

Fresh off the back of their run of stadium dates with Taylor Swift, our favourite New Zealand duo Broods have finally announced that their third studio album ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ will finally be released on February 1. To coincide with the announcement they have also dropped the second single which continues the upbeat pop sound that ‘Peach’ introduced. ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ is a bright and vibey moment that explores the liberating impact of accepting mortality. The slightly morbid topic has been turned into a very carefree and groovy pop moment that embraces the structure of life. “Time slips away and I lose another day. But I try not to wish, for anything but this”. It’s not as instantly catchy as ‘Peach’ but it has this slick pop feeling to it which will have you grooving along instantly. It’s just got this carefree polish which compliments it’s euphoric outlook so well. However I do wish the chorus was a little bigger in it’s delivery as the synths feel a little too polished and a little underwhelming as they could’ve been bigger and more experimental. But Georgia’s effortless delivery of “wow wow wow” in the chorus is so hypnotising and will have you grooving along.