In August 2016 NEIKED came onto my radar with the infectious and euphoric track ‘Sexual’ which later exploded onto the charts 3 months later and quickly became one of the biggest songs of the year. Following in its footsteps the Swedish electronic collaborative have released a string of catchy, euphoric and experimental tracks that have continued to show a massive growth and potential in their artistry. Whilst the song catapulted them into the spotlight, NEIKED have decided to keep their identities a little low key with a cheeky string of photoshoots that covered frontman Victor Rådström’s face and introduced listeners to all the collective collaborators involved in this project. A couple weeks ago they released their infectious and bright new single ‘How Did I Find You’ which is also their second collaboration with Miriam Bryant.

I recently spoke to the face behind Neiked, Victor Rådström about the creative process behind the new single ‘How Did I Find You’, the uniquely collaborative structure for the project and the reason behind the secrecy of his identity. Check it out;

TB: Your new single ‘How Did I Find You’ hears you collaborating with Miriam Bryant again who you worked with on ‘Rocket’. So what made you want to work with her again and how did that creative process come about?

VR: Miriam and I have been working together since way back. We started her artistic career together as a team and have written everything together since then. ‘How Did I Find You’ was originally written to be a Miriam single but after 4 years of back and forth we decided to put it out as a NEIKED track instead. The lyrics are about our friendship so it’s a special one for both of us and feels great to present it with both of us as a collaborative.

TB: The song has a really cute storyline about falling in love with someone that on paper doesn’t really make sense but for some reason really works. So what is your fave lyric from the track?

VR: My favourite lyric from the song is “your name resting next to mine” because it’s such a heavy line thinking that even when we die we’ll be in graves next to each other, hanging out for eternity.

TB: Whilst you are the face of Neiked you have previously explained it to be more like a collective of people you work with. Creatively, why do you think it’s important to have a consistent group of people working with you and weighing in on production opinions than just doing it on your own or doing it with different people each time?

VR: Well, music wise it’s a pretty open project with new songwriters and artists on almost all the songs. I guess I’m the main music maker and then the other members do a bunch of different things like visuals, art, playing live, remixing management etc. The plan from the beginning was to just release songs that were too bold or different for other acts to release/ We wanted to combine this with pop records in different flavours. So I guess you could say it’s an experimental pop act. I was pretty overwhelmed when ‘Sexual’ exploded and the other guys helped me a lot, they even did some interviews and live shows for me back then.

TB: Over the years you and the collective have been quite secretive with the way you portray yourself on social media, in videos and in interviews by hiding your face or wearing glasses and hats a lot. Is there a reason why you have done this? Or was it just something fun you started and have continued to do so?

VR: Well kind of like I explained previously, I’m not a guy who enjoys the spotlight. For me it’s always been more about the music. So I wanted to be hidden as much as possible and also we thought it was kind of funny. Now I’m opening up more to being seen and heard because we’ve all grown and realised that the project could be so much more if we just own it from all perspectives. Someone has to represent NEIKED and since I make the music it makes sense for it to be me. Even though there are some bigger rockstars in the collective but they tell me it’s cool and that I stick out in the crowd *laughs*.

TB: One thing Neiked have yet to do is a whole lot of touring. So is this something you guys do want to eventually do? And if so, how would you want to bring your live show to life? Would if be DJ based or full band with guest vocalists? 

VR: We definitely want to go on massive tours in the future. We just want to have a couple of more big records out there. We are working like mad people on the live set to make it as cool and as much of an experience as possible. It will probably be a mix of DJ and live instrumentation with lots of guest artists and lots of visuals.

TB: With all of your releases so far you have worked with some incredible newcomers and helped give them a little bit of a spotlight. So your finger seems to be on the pulse when it comes to new acts. So who are some new artists that you think we should check out ASAP?

VR: SKOTT is one of my favourites right now. Lovely voice and sick songs! I can also tell you to keep your ears open for names like SHYLDE and our main DJ guy Franklin who’s also an incredible producer.

TB: The success of ‘Sexual’ was absolutely incredible and was a bit unprecedented. So looking back at that whole whirlwind release, what was one of your favourite or proudest moments from the promo run?

VR: *Laughs* yeah, it was kind of crazy. I think the coolest thing during promo was seeing Mikael who is the manager in the collective doing a massive late show TV interview in Norway when I couldn’t do it. I got to sit in the green room and watch it all, almost like we switched roles for the day. The interviewers obviously got super confused but then everyone started laughing about the situation and the song hit top ten over there and it was good times *laughs*

TB: Lets play a little game where you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind…

VR: Okay!

TB: If I could collaborate with any artist it would be…

VR: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

TB: Most people think I…

VR: Am a bit weird

TB The emoji that best describes me is…

VR: The blank face emoji *laughs*

TB: My morning pump up song is…

VR: ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba

TB: Pineapple on pizza is…

VR: Pretty fucking tasty!


Neiked’s new single ‘How Did I Find You’ is out now



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