ALBUM REVIEW: Olly Murs – You Know I Know

It’s like clock work. Every two years Olly Murs seems to spin out another album that has some real potential with big anthems but is over shadowed by over production and a general mediocre feel. No one is denying he has hits, because he has a lot of them but then again with five albums of material you would hope so. His sixth studio album has kind of been released unknowingly with recent single ‘Move’ feat Snoop Dogg not receiving the same response his previous lead singles have had. And after listening to the full record I’m a bit confused as to why they chose to lead the album with that song because the rest of it is A LOT stronger. After you get through the cringe worthy lead single there is an album full of synth experimentation and a sexier and mature growth from Mr Murs waiting for you. ‘Go Hard’ is exactly what I’ve wanted to hear from him for years. It’s confident, fiery and hears him stepping out of his normal formula. He dabbles a bit further with ‘Feel The Same’, ‘Take Your Love’, ‘Love You Better’ and ‘Footsteps’ which hears him just having fun and showcasing a really playful and quirky side to him again. Polishing up the pop sound a little he delivers the slick ‘Love Me Again’ and ‘Somebody New’ before slowing it down for the classic ballad moment, ’Excuses’. I honestly did expect there to be more than one ballad on this record so I was fairly shocked when only one vulnerable moment was delivered. Especially because the rest of the album laid in forgettable and cringeworthy territory. ‘You Know I Know’, ‘Mark On my Heart’, ‘Maria’, ‘Talking To Myself’ and ‘Younger’ musically just seem like a step backwards for him and doesn’t compliment the new sound or growth he was trying to showcase. 

There are moments on this record which are really promising but maybe he just needs to take an extended break to really re-find himself again and deliver something a little more vulnerable, honest and memorable. Because at the moment the most impressing thing about this record is a bolder electronic influence and not a lot more. 

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