ALBUM REVIEW: Imagine Dragons – Origins

I’m not sure how Imagine Dragons found the time to write and record a new album in between their last record and their massive world tour, but they have. ‘Origins’ is the Las Vegas bands fourth studio album and sees them stepping towards a even bolder and euphoric sound. This twelve track record hears the four-piece packing together big singalong ready hooks with emotive storylines of hope, love and strength. At times this record is a little predictable as they recycle some of the same lyrical and sonical ideas that really could have been refined. But it also punches in some big and euphoric moments that you will want to have on replay. Fronted by the big singles ‘Natural’, ‘Machine’ and ‘Zero’ they kick of the album with big hooks that are prepared to get the audiences jumping at their energetic and captivating live shows. ‘Bad Liar’, ‘Bullet in A Gun’ and the future single ‘Cool Out’ add in some slick synths and continue this upbeat and feel good sound they have rolling. But it’s moments like ‘Boomerang’, ‘Digital’, ‘Love’ and ‘Stuck’ that hears this sound becoming a little receptive and boring. However there is a bit of experimentation that does occur on the record with ‘Only’ dabbling with a heavier electronic breakdown similar to their KYGO collaboration ‘Born To Be Yours’ and the country tinged ‘West Coast’ which will quickly become a fan favourite. 

They definitely know what sonically works as they’ve regurgitated some sonical moments that have worked for them over the years on this record. But it’s smart because it allows them to stay on the road and continue to tour and keep the momentum going as they are quickly becoming one of the biggest acts in the world. I just hope they don’t burn out too soon. 

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