SINGLE REVIEW: Super Cruel feat. Hazlett – Me + You

Bouncing back with another little banger, Super Cruel have teamed up with Brisbane based singer-songwriter Hazlett for a little emotional moment. ‘Me + You’ is an uplifting and honest track that begins with an emotional base and grows by adding electronic layers that build over time. It’s quite cool hearing these two artists unique sounds fusing together because they are usually so different. Hazlett is usually very stripped back and organic with his production with an emotional vulnerability that will tug on your heart strings. But then when you layer in electronic beats over it you get this whole new texture. With a strong guitar presence still on the track he doesn’t lose too much of his roots within this collaboration. But that’s what is great about the art of collaboration because either way it wouldn’t really matter as collaboration is all about fusion and pushing boundaries. This is a cool little moment that shows a versatility for Hazlett and adds another banger to Super Cruel’s growing discography. Get amongst it!