LIVE REVIEW: The Rubens – The Tivoli

Emerging from the thick smoke and bright spotlights that clouded the stage, The Rubens walked out to a packed Brisbane crowd roaring with excitement. Launching straight into ‘Go On’ from their new album ‘LO LA RU’ they spent most of the show bouncing between new songs as well as favourites from their previous two records. “Hey Brisbane, you ready for a good night” lead singer Sam Margin asked the already enthusiastic crowd. As they cheered in response the band kicked it up a gear with ‘The Best We Got’, ‘Casper’, ‘Elvis’ and ‘Cut Me Loose’ dominating the first portion of the show. With a simple logo banner behind them and strong lighting that made their presence feel powerful and bold, it was obvious that they really have honed their craft in live performance. After a long string of shows supporting P!nk it would have been weird if they came onstage and didn’t sound in-sync with this new material but that was far from the case. As Sam jumped into the crowd, he walked up and down the barrier singing along to the big hook of ‘Hold Me Back’ and made this big production show still feel quite intimate. 

Whilst their banter was short and sweet, the whole band seemed to be super appreciative as the crowd sang along to ‘Night Is On my Side’, ‘Stampy’ and the anthemic ‘My Gun’. As the chorus of ‘God Forget’ ignited, the logo backdrop dropped to revel a colourful ‘LO LA RU’ inspired backdrop and new lighting rig. These lights directed out to the crowd and hit the giant disco ball that was aesthetically placed in the middle of the room making the room spin. ‘Freakout’, ‘I Know’, ‘The Fool’ and a cover of Chance The Rapper’s ‘Same Drugs’ heightened this mid disco-rock vibe that over took the room. As the band crept towards the end of the show the singalongs became bigger and stronger with ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Hoops’ making bold memories. After saying good night to the crowd, Sam quickly reappeared for a stripped down rendition of ‘Lay It Down’ as the other band members “went to the bathroom”. But as they all returned to the stage they finally closed the show with recent hit ‘Million Man’ which was the perfect ending to a upbeat and slick rock show. The setlist could have been shuffled a little to evenly distribute the hits as the ending was powered with massive singalongs that the rest of the show could have held. But otherwise their energy was high and kept the mostly drunk crowd smiling, jumping, spilling drinks and dancing for the full 90 minutes. 

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Photos by Eliya Suparman 

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