SINGLE REVIEW: Montaigne – For Your Love

The theatrical stylings of Montaigne have become a sound you’ve become accustomed to hearing at festivals across the country. The singer-songwriter first broke through the Triple J market in 2014 with ‘I Am Not An End’ and ‘I’m A Fantastic Wreck’ and continued to deliver strong cinematic storytellings with her debut album ‘Glorious Heights’. This saw her extensively touring the country and playing every festival possible. After a two year break in between albums she’s finally ready to step back into the spotlight with a new single. ‘For Your Love’ serves as the sequel to ‘Because I Love You’ with it’s re-telling of the weird sexually toxic relationship she was in. Beginning the song with “I have been a snake, I have been a dog” she throws it back to a line from its preceder before launching into this new retelling. She explores deeper and gives you a new honest grasp of her thoughts. “I have crawled on your floor, for your love. Jesus christ, for your love”. She explains how she’s tried to change herself and give her everything to make it work. But nothing ever seems enough. The production is very all over the place and experimentally weird but that is what you should expect when it comes to Montaigne’s music. It has this grand, theatrical feel to it which you can’t help but be so enthralled within. Her high notes are magical and her low notes are even as engaging as she takes you all across the scale. It’s not as catchy or immediately in your face as ‘Because I Love You’ but re-introduces you well to her experimentally different sound.