SINGLE REVIEW: Allday – Wonder Drug

Moving to the US is a massive and scary life decision but sometimes it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears and in Allday’s situation this was the case. This experience hasn’t come without a few little road bumps in the form of broken relationships and his record label retiring after making the massive move. But he’s grown a lot from these experiences and written an album inspired by all of the lessons learnt. ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ will be released in early 2019 but to coincide with the album announcement he’s also dropped the lead single. ‘Wonder Drug’ is a moody, stoner alt-hip-hop song that takes you on a reflective journey and introduces this self growth to his eager listeners. He explores the gamble he’s had to make on his mental health while trying to search for his happiness inside of him. “My dear, this could be your year, we got so close. Waiting on a wonder drug”. He uses the metaphoric idea of drugs to search for that high and numb the emotions that comes with all of this self discovery. The sonical approach he’s taken for this song is very Post Malone inspired and has the potential to crack the US hip-hop market. The chorus is festival ready with an easy hook that his hardcore fans can singalong to. With each listen it will grow on you and have you more and more intrigued to hear this upcoming record.