LIVE REVIEW: Safia – The Triffid

It’s quite well known that Thursday night crowds aren’t always the easiest to hype up, but SAFIA didn’t have that issue at the Brisbane stop of their intimate Starlight Tour. As the sold out crowd eagerly awaited the bands arrival, the moody blue and red lighting dimmed as they bursted onto the stage with the electric ‘Over You’. 

This tour played directly as a massive thank you to their fans who have been passionately supporting them since 2013 and have been patiently awaiting the release of their sophomore studio album. In between favourites like ‘Freakin Out’, ‘Together Locked Safely’, ‘Cellophane Rainbow’ and ‘Bye Bye’ they also premiered some new unreleased tracks. The first of these moments was the moody ‘I Think We Are Not Alone. Introducing a darker electronic-rock sound, this song branches off from their recent single and continues this new found mood into the other new tracks ‘Animal In Me’ and ‘The Cradle’. As the crowd swayed through and intently listened to the new tracks they didn’t hold back from singing and dancing along to ‘Starlight’, ‘Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues’, ‘Take Me Over’ and ‘Make Them Wheels Roll’. Before the band kicked into ‘Counting Sheep’ they delivered a soulful and quirky little cover of Britney Spears ‘Oops I Did It Again’ which delighted the pumped up crowd. 

Rounding off the show with ‘Embracing Me’ and ‘My Love Is Gone’ they delivered pure energy that uplifted this stripped back show. Usually the band brings a massive production that includes incredible strobe lighting, LED screens and confetti but this time they just focused on the music and delivered a moodier lighting display. The crowd didn’t seem to mind because they still delivered banger after banger, soulful vocals and a whole lot of energy. Lead singer, Ben Woolner ran across the stage, climbed the multiple platforms and effortlessly engaged in audience call and response participation still making this a very intimate and interactive show minus all the bells and whistles. 

Check out the gallery captured by Eliya Suparman HERE;

Photos by Eliya Suparman

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