EP REVIEW: Maisie Peters – Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket

Heartbreak can be a very confusing and emotional time but the one thing that will always be there to help you through these dark times is music. It’s a constant reminder that you are not alone in these situations and that there is someone else who feels the same way as you or has been through something similar. Sometimes it even feels like they have written these songs about you and that is what my listening experience to Maisie Peters’ debut EP was like. ‘Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket’ is a reflective and vulnerable collection of tracks that explore the highs and lows of the feeling of “love” that we try so hard to search for. 

Opening with ‘In My Head’ she gently captivates you with with a soothing violin and dreamy synths. As the song builds with the incorporation of piano, drums and guitar, she delivers this really wholesome and raw feel. Whilst it’s not country, it’s also not entirely all clean pop. As the chorus soars she admits; “Cause in my head, in my head, in my head, in my head I’m yours” which is a feeling anyone post break-up can relate to when trying to let go. As she shifts into ‘Details’ she becomes even more raw and confesses that she doesn’t want to hear about how they’ve moved on. She’s happy for them but she’s still grieving and her pain is valid. “Look, I don’t think I want you to myself. But I know I don’t want you with anybody else”. Beginning with a simple “1,2,3” count in, this guitar ballad soars through the intimate plucking of her guitar strings whilst a simple array of piano and strings are added through the second half of the track to highlight the emotional storyline. ‘Enough For You’ introduces a vocally distorted sound that builds off this indie-pop sound she has already established. Lyrically this story looks at being in love with someone and just wishing you could be enough for them (super relatable). And it was bizarrely inspired by a driving instructor of one of her co-writers who had one of his students parents confess their love for him. “Kind of funny, now you don’t want to see me. And I get it, no, I really do but I wish I was enough for you”. Bizarre but cool, and this song will become one of your instant favourites. 

‘You To You’ is the EP’s typical “pop” moment in a weird way. It has a bold and confident meaning of being okay to be vulnerable when you feel like you need to be strong and being a little sassy. “So I hope that you find someone that you trust and you give all your darkest secrets up. And then I hope she breaks your heart in two. Hope she does a you to you”. And the production has this glossy Taylor Swift ‘Speak Now’ approach that I adore. The rest of the EP is a very acoustic and intimate affair that hears her plucking away at her guitar during ‘Architecture’ about people moving on and being bittersweet happy for them whilst the minimalistic piano ballad ‘Feels Like This’ is an honest and vulnerable love song. 

This intimate collection of 6 tracks perfectly captures who Maisie Peters is as an artist and catapults you into her hyper-emotional and vulnerable world that you will relate to and feel on so many different levels. Lyrically this is one of the best and most honest EP’s of 2018 and you will be falling in love with the idea of heartbreak from the first listen. 


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