ALBUM REVIEW: Glades – To Love You

It’s not often that you find a debut album full of confidence and raw energy but that’s exactly what Glades deliver on their first full length offering. ‘To Love You’ is a bold and bright collection of harmonic synths layered with vulnerable storytelling and slick hooks. From a first listen you will be hooked by their upbeat production that perfectly complaints their, at times, emotional delivery.

Album opener ‘Nervous Energy’ perfectly embodies their obvious nerves about finally having this collection of 11 tracks out in the world. But their polished delivery will have you instantly bopping along to the pulsating synths and singing along to their quotable hooks. “Listen, I don’t always act this way. Usually I would have more to say. I let the moment get the best of me. Can you feel my nervous energy?”. From there the album dives into what feels like a greatest hits territory with the anthemic singles ‘Do Right’, ‘Not About You’, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and Drive’ which have bold and euphoric hooks that you can’t help but love. Even though these songs have been thrashed to death on streaming services and radio stations alike, it still feels like the first time, every time you listen to them because they are THAT good.

With high expectations set ’80 Miles’ exceeds everything with one of the boldest hooks on the whole album. This groovy track will become an absolute fan favourite in their energetic live show and is an obvious choice for their next single. From there, the album continues to deliver slick and groovy synths on the smooth ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Neon Buzz’ and ‘Porcelain’ before they get really sentimental. Album closers ‘Better Love’ and ‘Through To You’ are reflective journeys of understanding that you need to be there for people during their low times and accepting the help of other people when you’re going through hardships. It’s a simple and hard understanding that a lot of people struggle with. But they create these low-key and beautiful pop moments feel so intimate and special. It really is the perfect way to finish an album that is so upbeat and bright because it shows another side to the band that some people may have no seen before. Because even though the album is painted with glossy synths, the whole record is deep and vulnerable but these two tracks just show it more abruptly. It truly is a fitting way for them to wrap up this first full collection of tracks that show an impressive growth from their humble beginnings. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Glades’ new album from Sanity

Glades ‘To Love You’ Australian Tour 

Sat 24 Nov – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 

Fri 30 Nov – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Sat 1 Dec – Jive, Adelaide 

Thur 6 Dec – Metro Theatre, Sydney

Fri 7 Dec – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane 


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