SINGLE REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter – Bad Time

Sabrina Carpenter is really the dark horse of the Disney alumni. Her sophomore album ‘Evolution’ was an impressive fusion of pop and electronic music that showcased a real depth to her vocals and lyrics. It wasn’t as cookie-cutter as previous releases from fellow Disney alumni nor did she seem like she was being anyone but herself. Her follow up single ‘Why’ was a banger and a half and quickly became one of my favourite songs of 2017. She’s been following it up with a string of mature and groovy tracks including the catchy ‘Paris’. But ‘Bad Time’ may just be her boldest track yet. The song confidently grabs onto this sassy and embowering persona that isn’t going to let anyone walk all over her. She’s officially had it with guys breaking her heart and then trying to come back when it’s suitable for them, so she’s calling them out. “I’m sorry, but you’ve called at a bad time. And every time is probably gonna be a bad time. Sorry, but it’s not like the last time where you were calling me and hoping for a good time”. From a first listen you will be captivated. Your feet will be tapping and singing along to to the ridiculously catchy hook. It’s an easy and simple concept that really does showcase multiple layers to who she is as an artist. You will be quickly screaming “BOP” after you listen to it, and that’s a fact.