SINGLE REVIEW: Little Mix – Joan Of Arc

Female empowerment tracks have never been more important than they are right now. So it’s great to see so many artists releasing songs that really speak to females directly and inspire equality and empowerment. Little Mix’s upcoming fifth studio album ‘LM5’ will see them heavily supporting this important movement and their new single ‘Joan Of Arc’ continues what lead single ‘Woman Like Me’ started. While the track may be a little basic, receptive and sonically annoying, there is a lot about this track which is honestly great. Lyrically the way they dive into this topic is so intoxicating and will have you bopping along instantly. On the other hand, this track is so gritty and beat heavy that it steps away from the commercial light and stands alone as a song that is hard to connect with. It’s not an easy listening empowerment song, its gritty and very in your face. After some listens I love the song and then after other listens I am convinced I hate it. It’s not the easily accessible song but it has enjoyable moments that will capture some listeners. It goes from sassy moments like “Fanning myself, I’m stanning myself. I love me so much I put my hands on myself” to the empowering and honest “I don’t need a man. If I’m loving you it’s cause I can”. In parts this song sounds like they have tried so hard to create a Beyonce influenced moment and to be honest they should have just stayed away from that. Beause instead of coming across as self development and artistic growth, this song comes across as confused and a little gimmicky.