SINGLE REVIEW: Anne-Marie – Perfect To Me

An artist should always be able to be an artist and that’s that. No matter how big they are or how much success they have, that should never impact on what they release as they should always be allowed to be their authentic selves. In Anne-Marie’s case, she has become on of the biggest UK exports of 2018 and after the massive success of her debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’ she has reworked her song ‘Perfect’ with a bit more of a  polished pop sound. ‘Perfect To Me’ hears her losing the original intimacy and vulnerability of the track and heads towards a predictable and generic sound. It’s ultimately boring and lacks originality. They’ve pretty much just copied and pasted her vocals and added a different synth layering. So instead of sounding like a slick and soothing RNB meets doo-woop track it just sounds like every other pop ballad under the sun. I was severely disappointed by the direction she went in for this reissue and think they should have just gone ahead with the original  track and serviced it to radio. Because whilst it may still be a little tacky, at least it feels honest and authentic stripped down like that.