SINGLE REVIEW: Clean Bandit feat. Marina And The Diamonds and Luis Fonsi – Baby

Marina And The Diamonds has been hyping up her return to music, A LOT. So with her lead single expected to drop “soon” it only seemed appropriate that she teased her fans a little longer with another collaboration with Clean Bandit. After the commercial flopping of ‘Froot’ and ‘Disconnected’, I wanted something a little groovy and euphoric to kick off this new era. Instead all we got was another predictable and average electronic-pop fusion. ‘Baby’ is exactly what you would expect from a Marina x Luis collaboration and it’s a little forgettable. The underwhelming song mixes Luis’ latin vibes with Marina’s classic indie-pop meets disco sound and it sounds really retired. Sonically it just seems to go no where quickly and recycles the same formula over and over. I was waiting for a electronic twist to switch up this sound and take it sonically somewhere else but it never did. I wanted to dance all night to this one, but I can’t even dance to it for 30 seconds before wanting to turn it off. And that’s the truth.