With the massive success of their infectious singles ‘Do Right’, ‘Not About You’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, Sydney three piece Glades are anxiously preparing the release of their highly anticipated debut album on November 2. ‘To Love You’ is a vulnerable and honest collection of tracks that hears them perfecting their indie-pop sound with big synths and a whole lot of heart. On the back of their national run of dates with Listen Out Festival they have successfully delivered engaging and charismatic sets that perfectly define who they are as a band. To celebrate the release of the record the band will be kicking off a massive run of headlining shows in Melbourne at the end of November. Prepare to dance, sing and cry for an hour. 

I recently chatted to Karina Wykes and Cameron Robertson from Glades about the vulnerability of their debut album ‘To Love You’, the advice they’ve been raised on and what to expect from their upcoming headlining tour. Check it out HERE; 

TB: Over the years your sound has evolved into this euphoric blend of indie-pop and this album really represents that growth perfectly. Reflecting on the album and the process what would you say has been the biggest growth for you as a band?

CR: I think it was around the end of 2016 when we finished the release of our EP and we kind of just collectively went, “whats next?”. There started to be a little bit of a pressure and the songs we were writing started to all sound the same. It was a whole 6 months of writers block where we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do or say so our management team were like “why don’t you do a writing trip to LA or something?” and at that point we were really nervous of working with someone else as it had always been just us leading up to that point. But with that being said we ended up doing that writing trip and it opened us up to working with a whole bunch of new people and really into this new world of collaboration which was the best thing we’ve ever done. It also made the whole album stronger and better. 

TB: Throughout the album there is quite a few emotional and vulnerable moments in between all these slick synths. So what would you say is the most vulnerable lyric or moment on the record?

KW: I would say there are two songs towards the end of the album which are easily the most vulnerable and they are ‘Better Love’ and ‘Through To You’. Every time I listen to them I get really emotional *laughs*. The first time I listened to the mastered version of ‘Better Love’ I cried *laughs*. It is a really emotional track and I there is a link in the pre-chorus of ‘Through To You’ which really stands out to me. It goes on the lines of, “You’re not the only one who feels this way, there’s other people hurting too”. That whole song was written about a friend of mine who wouldn’t tell me about something that was wrong and she didn’t think I had enough time to listen to her problems. But I think it’s so important to talk to your friends and be like “are you okay”. And that was a really emotional lyric to me because sometimes my friends don’t know that other people are hurting too and that it’s okay to be vulnerable and talk about it. 

CR: The whole album for us is pretty vulnerable as it really sums up what we want to say. ‘Better Love’ is about someone being there for you and having someone to rely on whilst on the flip side ‘Through To You’ is about being there for someone else. So I think there is such a beautiful contrast that makes them the perfect album closers. 

TB: ’80 Miles’ stood out to me as a track that has a euphoric vibe but also holds onto an underlining emotional storyline. How do you as a band figure out what the perfect blend of honesty and I guess festival vibes is? Cause your live show is so bright and energetic and that must factor into your production decisions a bit?

CR: Yeah, totally! I think we’re always conscious about how a song will be portrayed live and I think it’s important for something to have a balance between being upbeat but also being able to create songs that provide a bit of space to the audience. ’80 Miles’ is one of those songs we definitely had our live show in mind whilst we were creating it but it was funny cause that song has that mix of upbeat production and then spacey and thought provoking lyrics. 

KW: We’ve created the whole album in a way that there is a listening journey that happens and I feel like that will be translated to our live show. We are ready to take the audience on a journey with us because the whole making of the album was an incredible journey. 

TB: In ‘Do Right’ one of the lyrics is; “I miss the way my mama knew what to do, she said to do right by your neighbour and they’ll do right by you”. So what is another piece of advice that your parents or someone around you gave you that you do live by?

KW: That is a really good question! I’ve actually never been asked that *laughs* 

CR: I think the main thing my parents told me was to love what you’re doing with your life. Whether thats work, hobbies or just how you live your life because you’re always going to benefit from that.

KW: I think another thing my parents told me was how you treat someone that cant do anything for you is a reflection on the person you are. Everyone is important. 

TB: What was sonically and lyrically influencing you whilst you were working on this album because it was quite different to your EP? 

CR: A really big influence to us was Charlie Puth’s new album ‘Voicenotes’ which was released earlier the year. The way the songs had jazz chords that could so slyly be included in a pop arrangement was so cool. 

KW: I think we’ve also learnt a lot more about ourselves as songwriters and producers. We’ve figured out that a melody is going to be good either way as it’s what draws people in but it’s the powerful lyrics that make them stay.  So we’ve been developing our songwriting to have more depth and that’s been something really important to us. 

TB: You guys will be hitting the road this December for a massive headlining tour in celebration of this album so what is one feeling you want people to walk away from these shows feeling?

KW: I think the main message we want people to walk away with is to love the people around you no matter who they are or what they can do for you. I think the whole message of love is so needed right now as there is so much hate in the world. We want people to have a lot fun but we really want them to walk away feeling good and empowered to treat people right. 

TB: What new song are you most excited or nervous to play?

CR: I think we’re nervous to play the whole album to be honest *laughs*. We never thought we would be so emotional connected to this body of work but we are and we just hope people connect with it too. 

KW: In that live show we are putting our hearts out there and seeing people first hand react to the songs is really daunting. But I do hope people have fun and love the songs as much as we do. 

TB: You just recently completed the massive sold out Listen Out Festival tour run. So what was one of your fave memories from that run of shows cause it looked pretty insane. 

KW: The funniest thing happened at some of the shows! We are not the kind of band to do a shoey to while your listening to us but there was two different shows where someone did a shoey in the middle of the crowd on someone’s shoulder during our set. I had to try not laugh as I was halfway through a song both times but it was so funny. 

CR: We are massive Brockhampton fans and at one of the first shows some of the guys from the band came up to us at the hotel and asked us all these questions about spiders, bugs and kangaroos and they were so scared, it was funny. 

KW: They were like, “am I gonna die” *laughs*.

CR: Australia isn’t that crazy! *laughs*.

TB: What would you say is the one biggest misconception about Glades as a band?

CR: Wow, this is hard *laughs*. I think people had this original idea after the success of ‘Drive’ that we were a plant in the label that had a big team working on writing our songs and preparing our vision but in reality it was just us doing everything. 

TB: Lets play a little game where you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind…

KW: Oh no! *laughs*

TB: If we could form a supergroup with any other band or artist it would be…

KW: The 1975!

TB: The emoji that best describes our album is…

CR: The lightning bolt!

TB: Our pre show pump up song is…

KW: Ummm…

CR: ‘Rockstar’ by Post Malone!

KW: No it’s not! *laughs*

CR: Okay, it’s actually ‘Run Away With Me’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

KW: Yes!

TB: The messiest band member on tour is…

CR: Probably me *laughs*

TB: If we weren’t called Glades we would be called…

CR: Will I Echo!

KW: Ewwwww, yeah! We were testing it for an Instagram handle and it looked like “williecho” and we were like “yeah, no”, *laughs*.

CR: I’m so happy we ended up going with Glades *laughs*!


You can pre-order Glades’ debut album ‘To Love You’ from Sanity now

Glades ‘To Love You’ Australian Tour 

Sat 24 Nov – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 

Fri 30 Nov – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Sat 1 Dec – Jive, Adelaide 

Thur 6 Dec – Metro Theatre, Sydney

Fri 7 Dec – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane 

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