ALBUM REVIEW: Robyn – Honey 

It seems that short albums are becoming the in trend again. Back in the 80’s and 90’s you used to receive albums from artists that were only 10 tracks long at most and you used to cherish every single track and be left wanting more. But in the 2000’s we started to get too hungry and started getting albums wth increasingly longer track listings. This saw the birth of album filler and allowed artists to think it was okay to release 20+ tracks when in contray we probably didn’t want that. Swedish pop royalty, Robyn has finally released her eighth studio album ‘Honey’ after a eight year break and I couldn’t be more excited for some synthtastic moments. However this brief affair will leave you slightly underwhelmed with nine tracks that only seem to scrape the surface of the usual Robyn shine. Lead singles ‘Missing U’ and ‘Honey’ are her brightest moments with hooks that will have you wanting to hit the dance floor crying. The rest of the album is a little forgettable at best and seems to regurgitate the same synths with similar melodies and ideas. I was expecting something bolder and something more emotional and honest after such a long break from the spotlight. But this record seems to only offer a one dimensional side of the songstress. The 80’s influence of ‘Human Being’, ‘Because It’s In The Music’, ‘Between The Lines’ and ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ is a little bland and could have been stronger to create that bigger impact she was hoping for. However the minimalism of ‘Baby Forgive Me’ is commendable and will have you attentively listening to every lyric. This is the sort of moments i was waiting for throughout the whole record. It wasn’t until the final track ‘Ever Again’ that she offered what is possibly the records strongest highlight. Lead by a groovy baseline, her dreamy vocals slide over on top like honey and give you a Prince meet HAIM feel. Vowing to never let herself be devastated by a break up ever again she gives you pure honesty and optimism in what could be a very cynical moment. “Never gonna be brokenhearted, ever again. That shit’s out the door”. It’s these candid and honest moments that I wanted more of from the songstress but when she does give them to us they are big and memorable.

Luckily this album was only 9 tracks long because the forgettable moments don’t seem to drag out and are perfectly space between the highlights. It may not be the comeback you wanted but it’s an alright affair of 80’s synth nostalgia that will have you bopping along. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘Honey’ from Sanity now


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