SINGLE REVIEW: Ricki-Lee – Unbothered

It’s been a hot minute in-between releases for Ricki-Lee and taking into consideration that her last single was a ballad it’s safe to say we are long overdue for a sassy and empowering pop moment. ‘Unbothered’ is classic Ricki-Lee at her best. This song will take you back to the mid 2000’s where the Gold Coast singer-songwriter was dominating Australian radio with some carefree anthems that had you dancing and singing along. She tells it as it is with the sassy chorus line “I don’t care enough to hate you, I’m just unbothered” giving you honest and relatable vibes. It looks at a previous relationship or friendship that has come to an uncontrollable end but shares a positive outlook on the situation. She finds a growth within herself that is no longer mad or angry and is now just unbothered by the situation. It’s an outlook that we could all embrace at the best of times because we do sadly care so much about the smallest things. Citing influence from the likes of Lily Allen and Dua Lipa, this song takes on a chilled-out pop production that hears her cruising through the delivery. Her vocals are strong and commanding and will hold your attention with it’s quirky and empowering lyrics. It’s a sound that really suits her and hears her returning to her roots instead of chasing that electronic-pop sound she attempted for so long. This is the Ricki-Lee I first fell in love with as a pop fan and it’s exciting to hear her back, polished with a little bit of raw personality shining through.