SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – Happy Song

Storytelling has become a very important and essential attribute to the Australian music scene with more and more artists being inspired by the likes of Paul Kelly with his vivid and imaginative delivery. Alex The Astronaut is one of these artists who has spoken her truth through this platform and has cemented herself as a newcomer with a lot to say. Snatching a couple of big festival spots this year, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has been road-testing new tracks to get feelers on her new material. A song that has quickly become a fan favourite in her live set is the euphoric ‘Happy Song’ and after months of waiting she has finally released it as a single. Whilst the track sounds undyingly happy with it’s polished acoustic alternative-pop production and smooth harmonies, it actually reflects quite heavily on the power of simplicity and positive thinking. Even in some of our darkest moments all it takes is a happy song to trigger you to think and act positively and that’s a very important ting we need to work on. “I’m walking to a song that could set this street on fire. It’s strange how a song can do that sometimes. I’m feeling all alone, standing in the corner, while my friends dance out of time”. She worked on this track with Sam and Dan from Ball Park Music which makes this positive contrast along with the vulnerable lyrics quite unsurprising as this is what they have become known for. But it works so well for her and really creates a nice and genuine moment in her live set. And lets be real, the “La da da da da’s” will be stuck in your head for hours. FOR HOURS.