EP REVIEW: GRAACE – Self Sabotage

Earlier last month GRAACE dazzled a packed crowd in Brisbane at BigSound which also doubled as her first ever live show. Her raw and intimate storytelling captivated the intrigued crowd as she nervously swayed through a bunch of unreleased material. After such a strong reaction, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has finally released her debut EP which sees some of the  vulnerable tracks from her coveted set finally being unleashed into the world. ‘Self Sabotage’ is a poignant and strong collection that perfectly introduces her laid back and emotional pop to listeners. Opening with ‘Kissing Boys’ she serves this euphoric chilled pop sound that will have you wanting to drive next to a beach with the window down. It has a very euphoric feel to it which is deceiving because this heartbreak track looks at trying to move on but not being able to let go. And that is an occurring theme that carry’s through this record with ‘SOS’ giving one of the most honest and heartbreaking lyrical explorations. “I’m the girl who acts so sane, but thinks of you when I cry. And I know I keep on joking bout being emotionally unstable but it’s 2AM and I can’t get my head out of this table”. Removing the euphoric production she strips it down with a more chilled-out piano meets synth dreamy delivery. For the moody little ‘Last Night’ she reflects on her actions in her previous relationships that have caused them to end and takes responsibility instead of blaming the other person like she has done in the past. It’s a very reflective track that is emotionally raw and takes you on this journey of self discovery. You can hear the emotion seeping through her vocal delivery and helps paint her as this very visual storyteller. 

From there she brings back the euphoric production with the honest ‘Sorry In Advance’ which is a future single waiting to be unleashed. Throughout the six track EP she showcases a wide versatility and growth as she finds her sound and voice. ‘Me Without You’ is a soulful moment before the EP closer ‘Spoken Word’ offers her most experimental  approach. This simplistic and beautiful moment hears her stripping everything back with a guitar and spoken word before smooth harmonies are introduced towards the end. It’s a very different and special moment that makes her stand out and will catch you off guard slightly. When you put them all together, all 6 songs perfectly collide with each other and take you on this bold and emotional journey or highs and lows. It’s a great introduction to who she is as an artist and with a headlining show next month in Sydney expect to hear and see a lot more of her soon. 


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