SINGLE REVIEW: Tyron Hapi – One Last Time

After the release of some viral electronic pop tracks, Australian producer Tyron Hapi has delivered another track which sounds exactly the same to everything else he’s released previously. ‘One Last Time’ is a flavourless and predictable track that fails to introduce anything new, different or exciting. To put it simply, It’s just generic electronic bests layered with a little bit of autotune. So yeah, there are so many more exciting new tracks in the market at the moment which deserve your attention that isn’t this song. I’m kinda over hearing producers releasing the same old retired beat over and over again with a different vocalist trying to make it sound different. There are just so many times that this can work. So how about you become more experimental and give us something a little more interesting. Louis The Child is a perfect example of this constant experimentation is a good thing along with the recent efforts of The Chainsmokers which has seen them get out of their generic little hole.