SINGLE REVIEW: Rudimental feat. Tom Walker – Walk Alone

Sometimes we just need to be honest not just with others but with ourselves too. It’s okay to not feel okay all the time and it’s okay to admit you need help every now and then. But we just need to remember that there are people around you who do care and will listen in times of confusion and heightened emotion. And Rudimental’s new track ‘Walk Alone’ featuring Tom Walker hears them celebrating this fact through a little euphoric moment. it serves as a reminder that there are always people you can turn to and talk to about your inner darkest thoughts. Whether that may be family, friends or a professional. in 2018 there are so many avenues you can go down but the hardest thing is just admiring it to yourself and not seeing it as a weakness. And this song reflects on that in  an upbeat and colourful manner. “And you may walk a lonely road but you will never walk alone”. It’s one of their most pop deliveries yet and makes ‘These Days’ look tame with it’s blending. But DJ Locksmith recently revealed in an interview I did with him that this song is actually the most vulnerable and relatable track they’ve written for this upcoming record. And that’s a great sign because it is a nice and reflective moment. It’s not going to be a song for everyone because some will find it “too” inspiring nor is it going to necessarily receive non-stop traction but its a good and different new release for them.