SINGLE REVIEW: Reyna – Heartbeat

Soaked in oozing 80’s influenced synths, REYNA have given us yet another certified emotional bop. ‘Heartbeat’ hears the Milwaukee duo serving some real 80’s nostalgia mixed with a Carly Rae Jepsen meets MUNA pop polish. From a first listen you will be hooked and tapping your feet along to the groovy baseline before you dive into the emotional lyrical undertones. This song reflects on a relationship that you’re unsure should end or continue to flourish. Instead of deliberating back and forth you just follow your racing heartbeat and those gut impulses that sometimes can leave you regretting your decision but other times can create incredible moments. And this is one of them. “Every single heartbeat, when you’re not around me got me feeling empty. Every single heartbeat, living in my memory coming back to haunt me”. Experimenting with different vocal effects in conjunction with their classic smooth harmonies, they will have you intently listening from the first listen. The rhythmic drums along with they groovy guitar riffs add to this nostalgic and funky sound which you can’t help but love. I question quite regularly why this sound isn’t bigger in the mainstream music scene because recently Aly & AJ made their comeback with a similar sound and didn’t get the attention they rightfully deserved. So hopefully the world finally embraces this sound and gives REYNA a chance to break those airwaves.