SINGLE REVIEW: Cameron Dallas – Why Haven’t I Met You

It’s not unpopular for internet personalities to cross over into the music world and release an unwanted single. Most just release a generic track that doesn’t go anywhere and fizzles out in their own little niche market. Others have grown their success from these humble beginnings with Shawn Mendes being a great example of the potential these platforms offer. So it wasn’t really a shock when Cameron Dallas announced he was stepping into the music world but I sort of just dismissed it and imagined a awful half joke-rap approach like Jake Paul. But instead he’s proven everyone wrong with a smooth and sultry RNB meets pop banger. ‘Why Haven’t I Met You’ takes inspiration from Justin Bieber’s previous record ‘Purpose’ with a similar production. Layered with smooth harmonies and slick beats he gives you a song that you actually can’t help but love. The acoustic based track looks at the frustrating search for true love knowing that your soul mate is somewhere out there. “Waiting for your love wishing it was that simple. Knowing that you’re out there looking for me. Why haven’t I met you?”. One of the most surprising things about this song is how natural and smooth his vocal delivery is. I was really half expecting him to use a lot of auto-tune and affects but this simple and soothing delivery is very stripped back and natural. It’s a strong and promising introduction that may see him actually becoming a strong contender for hottest newcomer.