SINGLE REVIEW: Lauren Jauregui – Expectations 

Lauren Jauregui is the second member of Fifth Harmony to come out of the woodwork this week to release their highly anticipated solo singles. Sadly ‘Expectations’ doesn’t really live up to the expectations Normani set with the rhythmic bop ‘Slow Down’. This soulful track hears her crooning through an emotional storyline of unrequited love. She wants to change the situation but realises that there is nothing she can do to change the other persons mind or feelings. “Wish I had no expectations. I wish that I could get it through your head with no confrontation. I really wish we could talk about it instead”. Production wise this song is a little basic but it’s meant to be. Luckily it’s not as tacky or gimmicky like Dinah Jane’s tragic attempt at a “breakthrough moment’. This track hears her building a strong platform for her solo career to begin on and hears her being her authentic self without any bells and whistles. Whilst this many not be a “banger” or an overwhelming emotional moment like Camila has delivered, it still shows an interesting potential of who she could become as an artist. The hope isn’t completely lost as of yet. 



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  1. “an overwhelming emotional moment like Camila has delivered”
    Lmao. You don’t give yourself credibly there.

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