SINGLE REVIEW: Cardi B – Money

Serving a whole lot of sass and attitude, Cardi B returns to the music industry post pregnancy with a track full of pure fire. ‘Money’ is a self independence anthem that is all about working hard and doing what you love to make you happy. She explores this concept in a playful way with a banter that addresses that it’s okay to favour money instead of love in a social media filled world where it’s so easy to get your heartbroken. Her flow is fiery, fun and captivating. Along with its hard hip-hop beat, it’s undoubtedly stronger than any of her tracks on her debut album (minus ‘Bodak Yellow’) simply because it commands your attention and makes you think instantly. It’s not super serious nor is it ground breaking but it’s a vividly fun and empowering track that you can’t help but vibe along to. “I was born to flex, yes. Diamonds on my neck. I like boarding jets, I like morning sex but nothing in this world that I like more than checks. All I really wanna see is the money. I don’t really need the D, I need the Money”. It hears her taking ownership over her own mind and taking over a positivity that may have been lost for a split second with everything going on in her world. But ‘Money’ is a super strong re-introduction to an oversaturated hip-hop market with so many newcomers trying to emulate her success. But she’s yet again gone and done something totally original and great.