EP REVIEW: Urban Cone – 10-18

It’s the end of a era for Urban Cone and whilst they have announced that they are going their seperate ways they’ve decided to go out with one final bang. The Swedish indie-pop outfit have unleashed one final collection of tracks that serves as a fitting thank you to their loyal fanbase that have watched them grow and evolve over the years.

’10-18’ is a poignant collection of tracks that gives fans a little taste of what they were cooking up for their highly anticipated third studio album. And sadly we will never hear the full collection but at least we get one final serve of new music. Lead by the infectious singles ‘Old School’, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Pumping Up Clouds’, they introduce this upbeat and bold new sound full of electric synths and groovy baselines.

Continuing this sound on the slick ‘Comfort Me’ they deliver one of the collections strongest and funkiest moments that truly deserved to be a single. Following it up with the slightly ridiculous ‘Ikea’ they give you a road trip anthem that will have you cringing and screaming the lyrics at the same time. “Road trip to Ikea. We can sleep in the store. Getting drunk on tequila. Making love on the floor”. But these sort of songs along with ‘Sugar’ are the reason the band began to receive so much criticism because people questioned if they had lost who they were as artists. But they prove everyone wrong with the experimental ‘Need You Now’ which returns to their roots and gives you a similar production to LANY.

Sliding into the minimalistic ‘Blue’ and ‘Keep On Dreaming’ they strip everything back and give you some simple ballads to finally say goodbye. These moments are simple, nice but honestly not incredible. It would’ve been cool if they ended on something a little more memorable. But as a collective this EP highlighted why this band gained a massive following all over the world and brought smiles to so many faces with their energetic and euphoric live shows. And I’m going to be honest, I will miss them. 

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