ALBUM REVIEW: Paul Kelly – Nature

There are not many Australian singer-songwriters who have had such a long and incredible career like Paul Kelly. But with the release of his 24th studio album ‘Nature’ he has successfully cemented himself as one of the country’s leading voices. His songwriting is very unlike anyone else as he vividly tells stories from his life, of people around him as well as incredibly imaginative fictional ones that take you on a big journey. This album is no different in giving this structure with a collection of 12 alternative-folk tracks that are driven by storytelling and underlining political agendas. However for this release he has returned to the spirituality of nature through the use of poems from some literary greats which he has adapted to alternative folk-rock concepts. He does provide 4 originals that he’s included from his personal collection like the classically Paul Kelly styled ‘A Bastard Like Me’. This easy listening experience is one that fans of Paul Kelly’s unique sound will absolutely thrive from however his sound isn’t going to be for everyone. It has a very distinct tone to it that makes songs like ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ and ‘Little Wolf’ stand out with their sonical experimentation. It doesn’t stray too far from his previous material but the concept behind the transformation of the poems to songs is an interesting and cool one. 

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