ALBUM REVIEW: Judah Kelly – Real Good Time

After winning The Voice Australia in 2017, Judah Kelly had some massive expectations to live up to. And whilst he could have gone down so many different avenues and released something really mainstream or tried to release something that would’ve been guaranteed to climb the charts he’s instead just gone with his heart and soul. Deeply rooted in his origins this country meets folk collection hears him stripping it all back with a live production that allows you to hear his soulful vocals and smooth melodies. With a mix of originals and covers, it’s hard to actually tell what ones are the covers and what ones are not as he successfully makes them all sound original and different. None of these are your classic karaoke styled covers as he’s stripped them back and reinvented them with his soulful gospel and country roots. He showcases his strengths in his live vocals with a production that plays to this advantage. This isn’t your typical live album though as they have polished the roughness of the live band room with a slick production and smooth harmonies. It’s very cohesive and a easy listen for anyone who is a fan of this genre. It may not be full of radio smash hits waiting to be played nor will it be for everyone but they hear him showcasing a strong artistic integrity. 

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