ALBUM REVIEW: Cher – Dancing Queen

The 80’s seemed like a great time to be alive for so many reasons. From the cheesy movies, to the iconic fashion to even the harmonic sense of freedom. But the biggest reason would have to be the music. There’s no denying that the 80’s had some of the best pop music of all time and it seems quite sad to me that no one is really making music like that anymore. One of these bands who injected pure bliss into your life between the 70’s and 90’s was ABBA and they really set the tone for the disco injected euphoria of the 80’s. Celebrating the recent release of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and her brief cameo, Cher has released a collection of her favourite ABBA classics that will have you dancing, singing and swaying like your back in the heat of that era. She covers all bases from the stock standard ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ to the ridiculously catchy ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’. But these songs have been reimagined with her classic Cher raspy vocals that give these classics a raw and new perspective. It’s the euphoric ‘SOS’ that instantly stands out as one of the boldest moments whilst ‘Fernando’, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘The Name Of The Game’ slows things down slightly and hears her refinding her element. Whilst this is a covers album she does make these songs her own and creates a fun and nostalgic listening experience. You have to take it for what it is, and that is, a whole lot of gimmicky fun. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Cher’s new album from Sanity now

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