ALBUM REVIEW: MO – Forever Neverland

The wait for the official release of MO’s sophomore studio album has been an especially lengthy and frustrating one. With a series of public delays, push-backs and album re-starts it was a fair enough assumption that people started to question if we would ever hear it. But with minimal promotion ‘Forever Neverland’ is officially here in it’s full electronic-pop glory. The fourteen track collection explores the multiple different sides to her personality and artistry. It’s a lot stronger and more cohesive compared to her underwhelming recent EP which felt rushed and unneeded. From the opening urban and reggae influences of ‘Way Down’ she creates this groovy tribal vibe that takes what she tried to introduce on her EP and impresses. With your feet immediately tapping along ,’I Want You’ and ‘Blur’ will quickly become the anthems you needed from this album before the emotional aspect of the Charli XCX collaboration ‘If It’s Over’ takes over. ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Sun In our Eyes’ takes a smoother indie-pop delivery that makes the second half of the album a little more cohesive. ‘Beautiful wreck’ and ‘Trying To be Good’ are the records typical ballad styled moments and are less pop inclined due to it’s sonical approach. This reflects on her DIY production skills and takes influence from her last EP. But within a couple of listens this album will grow on you with it’s honest songwriting, vulnerable vocals and banger choruses. After such a long wait I did expect something a little different or ground breaking though.

You can purchase a physical copy of Forever Neverland from Sanity now 

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