SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – Fingers

Zayn’s release schedule is a little confusing. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency or flow to when he’s releasing or what he’s releasing. But at the moment he’s just putting out music as he pleases with material that he’s digging. His sonical fusions have taken listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions that dive deep into his brain but his newest release is a little less impactful. ‘Fingers’ is a slow burning RNB track that just doesn’t seem to go to new heights. It just hears him playing it a little safe and never really giving you a “wow” moment or something that will have you wanting to press replay. The track revolves around the hopelessness of drunk texting and the honesty that shines through moments of weakness. “I’ve been fucked and I want ya, I can’t even text ya cause my fingers ain’t working, but my heart is”. It has such strong potential but the execution is barely memorable. Minimalism is sometimes stronger but in this case the song just fades into the background and fails to hold your attention at any point. A disappointing moment from someone who usually smashes out some decent low-key anthems.