SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Styrke – Vibe

Tove Styrke really loves to constantly deliver some ultimate bangers. The last two years has seen her release a regular string of infectious tracks that are guaranteed to have you feeling all the emotions and dancing the pain away at the same time. Following the release of her album ‘Sway’ she’s delivered another tune to hit you in the feels with. ‘Vibe’ is a mid tempo indie-pop song that takes the slow burning formula and dives into a low key electronic world of synths and guitar. She explores a relationship that she really thought was something special but it just ended with no real understanding as to why. So this is her attempt to try and figure out why whilst also taking ownership and moving on. “We was like, we was like a movie. My bad, I was just assuming. Now you treat me like you never knew me. Good luck trying to find a new me”. The strongest thing about this song is it’s production. The structure is so simple but it really excels with it’s DIY elements. The way the production during the pre chorus just comes to a full stop for a second and then comes back in, pulls the listener in. It’s testing if they are really listening and feeing everything she is unravelling to them. And it works. It’s vulnerable and intimate whilst still giving the listeners her usual indie-pop vibes. It’s a strong addition to her album and continues her intimate songwriting that has been impressing listeners all over the world.