SINGLE REVIEW: Post Malone feat Swae Lee – Sunflower

Post Malone has really taken the world by storm with his autotune filled hip-hop vibes. It was maybe one of the most unexpected breakthrough successes of 2017 but he made it work with sold out shows all over the globe and multiple number one hits that are stuck on heavy rotation. The next thing to add to his growing resume is a feature track on a film soundtrack. ‘Sunflower’ is the lead single from the forthcoming computer animated film Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse and continues his chilled out sound you’ve become well acquainted with. With the subject of the film being family-friendly this song is very stripped back explicitly compared the rest of his discography. The track compares a love interests trust and persistence to the loyalty and longevity associated with sunflowers. It’s a sweet and vulnerable contrast that fans of the singer’s past material have been drawn too amongst all the hip-hop themes and production. “Then you’re left in the dust unless I stuck by ya. You’re a sunflower, I think your love would be too much”. Swae Lee features on this track and delivers smooth harmonies that offer a nice contrast with Post Malone’s autotune delivery. However whilst this track is really nice and chilled out, it’s nothing too impressive. I was searching for a really vulnerable moment that made this direction make sense but it just sounds like a PG rated version of something he would’ve usually fired up on. And I couldn’t help but think about the ‘Sunflower’ song from Sierra Burgess Is A Loser the whole time I was listening to it.