SINGLE REVIEW: Neiked feat Miriam Bryant – How Did I Find You

This isn’t the first time Neiked and Miriam Bryant have collaborated. Last year they gave us the little bop ‘Rocket’ which has gained over 17 million streams on Spotify alone. Now, the two Swedish artists have joined forces again for the indie-pop gem ‘How Did I Find You’. This is a track which has a lot of personality and grows on you with each listen. The delivery is very relaxed compared to Neiked’s previous material and offers something a little refreshing and cute. The production is very similar to Australian songstress’ E^ST’s ‘Life Goes On’ with it’s racing piano melody that has you instantly tapping your feet. The chorus keeps the same beat but adds in a groovy bass which adds a little extra indie flavour. The song looks at falling in love with someone that on paper doesn’t really make sense but for some reason really works. “You’re upside down, I’m inside out. We’re opposite, crazy but we just make sense”. it’s a cute song that grows on you with each listen and is a big redemption from their last couple of singles which have been a little lacklustre at best.