SINGLE REVIEW: James Arthur – Empty Space

There’s just something about James Arthur that I find really insincere. Over the years he’s written some heartfelt and vulnerable tracks which ideally should create a massive impact but sadly his delivery lacks a genuine feel. Whilst he may be singing about these heartbreaking feelings, I don’t necessarily believe him or feel for him within the moments I should. And his new single is another testament to this. ‘Empty Spaces’ is a heartbreaking song about the end of a relationship where he longs their connection and goes into denial about no longer having them. He then turns to alcohol and random hook ups to numb his pain and fill that space before questioning how he can have them back in his life. “I’m alone in my head, looking for love in a stranger’s bed. But I don’t think I’ll find it, cause only you could fill this empty space”. It’s a song that I personally should have connected with a lot and should have empathised for him. But I didn’t. His delivery just lacks that extra layer of vulnerability that this song needed to elevate it to that emotional and special place. I really wanted to be taken to a vulnerable place sonically and melodically other than just lyrically because I do feel like he only scratched this idea at surface level. It could have been this really vulnerable and special comeback for him but instead it just sounds like every other piano ballad he’s released in the past. 


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